It’s impossible to say the name Tiger Woods and not think of golf, and the sport of golf itself has become synonymous with Woods as well.

That’s why it was a big surprise to learn that Woods wasn’t going to be playing in the 2014 Masters Tournament that happened last month. Along with missing the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, Woods only managed to play in four other tournaments this year—but with good reason.

Due to a pinched nerve, Woods underwent surgery in March to insure that he could one day swing a golf club once again. Although he missed out on the Masters tournament this year, he wasn’t upset because he was physically unable to compete even if he wanted to.

His journey back to the green is still in progress, and Woods has yet to learn when he will be able compete in the PGA again. While it is unknown if he will make the U.S. and British open this summer, he has confirmed to participate in a team event this October. The event, Americas Golf Cup, will be held in Buenos Ares, October 21-26, and will be teaming Woods up with fellow popular golfer, Matt Kuchar.

While this event still depends on his pending health, it has at least been confirmed by Woods that he will be attending the event, and his fans have an almost guaranteed chance at seeing him return to the golf course.