Tiger Woods has been the face of Golf for over a decade, but within the past years it seems that his attention in the media has been more negative than positive. Between allegations with his personal life, his injuries, and his underperforming playing, Woods hasn’t had the best years of his career as of recently.

There is however a new Woods taking the spotlight, Tigers niece, Cheyanne Woods, and luckily for her she has taken the positive route. Between winning the Ladies Australian Masters, as well as over 30 amateur competitions, and joining the Ladies European Tour, Cheyanne has been earning her way through the world of women’s golf separated from just having the Woods last name.

With so much pressure on her shoulders with high expectations due to Tiger, Cheyanne seems to be performing well, and proving she can stand the heat—with Tiger’s father (her grandfather) as her first coach, there is no doubt that she would be on the path to success.

Does this mean positive things for the LPGA? Whether Cheyanne Woods is a good golfer or not, the attention she is getting for her name alone should bring a new wind to the world of women’s golf. With so much focus on men’s golf, it may be time for the LPGA to take the spotlight. While it is unknown if Cheyanne will be able to reach the same kind of success as her uncle, only time and her experience as a professional golfer will tell.