There has been some recent good news in the world of the PGA, as Tiger Woods has come forward claiming he is fully healed from his surgery last March. With back pain that had plagued him since August 2012, Woods finally had to give into the option of surgery after the pinched nerve proved too much for him to handle, forcing him into surgery at the end of last March.

The healing process took him out of the run for multiple tournaments—a total of five the he normally would compete in—during the last three months, the most notable being, The Masters Tournament, but taking the time to sit and out heal was the best option for the future of his career. Woods is well known for stating that he won’t enter a tournament he doesn’t think he can win, which most likely helped in his decision to take the time to heal completely, rather than risk a premature injury trying to compete too early after surgery.

The future is now, as Woods has fully healed but continues to keep close contact with doctors and trainers as he works on improving his swing abilities on the green. His surgery was so successful that even his previous leg pain that plagued him for years had disappeared post operation. Now without pain in nearly 20 years of golf, Woods seems to be way of ahead of schedule in the healing process, predicating a bright comeback in the coming up PGA competitions.