When it comes to sports, there is no doubt that the dominating force is male competition sports. Although there are Women’s professional leagues for sports like, tennis, volleyball, basketball, golf, and soccer, majority of fans would agree that men’s sports is more popular to watch.

For the next month however, Women’s sports will take the spotlight internationally as the, FIFA Women’s World Cup, has made its return. This competition is recognized as the most important international competition in the world of Women’s soccer, and only takes place every four years—a tradition put in place since its beginning in 1991.

For three weeks between June and July, teams from across the world will compete to take the World Cup title for Women’s Soccer. The 7th Women’s World Cup kicked off on June 6, hosted in Canada, and will run through the first week of July. During these weeks, 24 qualified teams from across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, Caribbean, and North, South, Central America, with compete to win. Amongst these teams are Germany and U.S.A, who both currently have the most championship wins at two each.

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