24 million Americans play golf every year to the tune of about 465 million rounds. That number may shock some who aren’t well acquainted with the sport.

Truly, few sports challenge the mind body and soul the way that golf does and given that reality, more and more people are taking it up to improve the quality of their lives.

If you’re considering joining the ranks of millions and taking to your local golf course but are on the fence as to whether or not the sport is for you, our team has created this article to inspire you to take the leap!

Below, we go over 10 tremendous benefits of learning how to play golf.

1. You’ll Burn Calories

Sports are a popular means of weight loss and maintenance given that they’re more entertaining and present more a unilateral physical challenge than doing repetitive motions in a gym.

Among the top calorie-burning sports you can enjoy is golf.

When you learn how to play golf, you’ll quickly find that traversing expansive courses will lead to your breaking your daily steps records!

2. Muscle Building

Golf isn’t all cardio. It also challenges your muscles in a manageable way.

From stretching and flexing your arms, back, and legs via swinging motions to challenging your core via carrying clubs, regular participation in golf games will result in better posture and more definition across a variety of muscle groups.

3. A Stronger Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and woman. It’s typically brought on via a mixture of genetics and poor lifestyle habits.

The good news is that learning how to play golf can be a game changer when it comes to your personal risk factors.

Golf gives you a healthy dose of heart-helping exercise. It also forces you to be mentally present during games. That can create a sense of peace which may reduce strain on your cardiovascular system.

4. Healthy Doses of Vitamin D

Golf is the great outdoor sport. To that end, you can expect to spend many enjoyable hours in the sun during a round of play.

This can not only have an excellent effect on your mood but can service any Vitamin D deficiencies you may be experiencing. More vitamin D means healthier bones and other health benefits!

5. Reduced Stress

There’s no denying it. The media has created a connection between golf and heightened stress.

There is no shortage of movies and TV shows that show a golfer missing a putt, getting a bogey or knocking their ball into a sand trap which then leads to them throwing their club across the course.

What you’ll find though when you learn how to play golf is that the game gives you much more in the way of reduced stress than increased stress.

Golf focuses your attention on the game and not on all of the other strenuous things that are affecting your life. This focus allows you to relax in a way that’s similar to meditation.

Furthermore, getting outside and exercising can have a profound impact on stress reduction.

6. Increased Patience

Do you find yourself unable to wait without feeling uncomfortable? If yes, you may be worried about learning how to play golf given the amount of patience you need to lean on during a game.

We believe though that if you struggle with patience, you should make it a point to take up golf, not avoid it.

Golf can help you find a sense of calm in waiting and will have a profound effect on your patience both on and off the green.

7. Mental Exercise

The older you get the more important it is to work your brain to ensure you stay sharp. Golf is a game of intense strategy which in many ways is more mentally exerting than psychically.

Which club will you use for this stroke? How are you going to read the terrain for your putt?

With all of the questions you’ll have to answer during a game of golf, you’ll find that your brain is thoroughly worked!

8. A Heightened State of Focus

Given the degree of mentality required to be successful in golf, focus is required to ensure that you are able to produce consistent, repeatable results.

Being successful at golf is largely about concentrating and being disciplined in the way you manage your game. As you get better at the game, you’ll find that your newfound focus will seep into your professional and personal life.

9. You’ll Get a Crash Course in Etiquette

Golf is a game of respect. Whether you’re playing or spectating, you’ll need to learn the etiquette of the game in order to be accepted into the community.

The etiquette of golf may seem intimidating at first but is easy to learn and when you do, you’ll find a real sense of community in sharing a code of conduct with golf lovers across the globe.

10. Outstanding Networking Opportunities

Given all of the benefits of golf, the most important people in the world, from leaders of nations to titans of business, play the game.

The better you get and the more you work your way into the golf community, the better chance you’ll have at rubbing shoulders with people who can give you a leg up in your professional life.

Wrapping Up The Benefits of Learning How to Play Golf

The ten benefits of learning how to play golf we talk about above only scratch the surface of all the value the game can bring to its participants.

From improving your health to extending your network, you’ll find that golf can take your life further than any other sport!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up some clubs and start your journey discovering one of the greatest games known to mankind.

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