The city’s has a rich history spanning well over 250 years, dotted with many military stories of significance you’ll find interwoven into the fabric of modern-day living.

Founded in 1738 by James Oglethorpe, Augusta originally was created as a defense barrier against the French and Spanish so the British could maintain security in the port city of Savannah. Two battles were fought, and the city stood as Georgia’s state capital after Savannah fell for a brief time.

In the Summerville area, you’ll find an Augusta University campus thriving within the confines of the former Augusta Arsenal, replete with spaces for cannons and a History Walk dedicated to the extensive stories that can be told. Make sure to swing by the Confederate Power Works, the only structure the Confederacy built, still standing along the river on Broad Street.

In addition, such names as James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, and 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson called Augusta home for parts of their childhood. Stop by President Wilson’s boyhood home downtown – and make sure to stop by some of the beautiful and historic churches, such as First Presbyterian Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The oldest African American

Historical elements also dot some of the area attractions, including the Savannah Rapids Pavilion, a great place for a relaxing stroll.

The Augusta History Museum, located in the downtown area, also offers a wonderful opportunity to soak in many elements of history you won’t find anywhere else.