The European Tour is home to many of the best in the world, and is considered on par with the PGA Tour in stature and competition.

They also know how to get their golfers to have a good time.

See, for example, this recent video showing off golfers teeing off on a par-3 and playing the entire hole….with a putter.

The real question may be: How many pro golfers hit a drive with a putter better than most of us with a driver?

Thankfully, golf provides plenty of fun times throughout the year. This includes the Par 3 Contest and many moments during the Practice Rounds at the Masters Tournament, such as players skipping a ball across the pond at hole No. 16 and pairings you’d never imagine seeing of past Masters Champions.

And there’s always something about the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship that shows us why we love the game.

Experience it all with us in 2017!