Arnold Palmer. The King. By Orlando Health (Orlando Health Photo archives) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsWe, like the rest of the golf world, were saddened to hear of Arnold Palmer’s passing at the age of 87.

Known as “The King,” Palmer took the world by storm in 1958 with his first Masters Tournament victory, and he rattled off six more major titles in the ensuing six years. He’s widely credited as making The Open Championship into a big deal, after playing in the 1960 edition and returning in subsequent years.

His business interests including helping start the Golf Channel, and helping to build the first golf course in China among many other course designs. And most folks, golf fans or not, know the classic Arnold Palmer beverage: Iced tea with lemonade.

At previous Masters, he stood on the tee box and piped a drive usually down the first fairway. Even if it wasn’t long, it was still often deadly accurate. And then, the Par 3 Contest, where he could be seen in recent years laughing it up and soaking in every moment with some of his family and friends.

But his kindness both on and off the course is what set him a cut above, the grandfatherly figure in many current golf fans’ eyes. He helped elevate golf into what it is today.

And we’re thankful to have had the privilege to share in it.

Photo by Orlando Health (Orlando Health Photo archives) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons