qualification quizThere are a bevy of ways to earn a coveted invitation to golf’s greatest tournament. Some are more well-known: Winning any Tour Championship points-eligible tournament in the 12 months since the last Masters Tournament guarantees an invitation. And of course, winning the Masters guarantees a spot in the field as long as the player wishes to compete.

But do you know of the others?

We’ve created a quiz to test your knowledge. Some are true/false questions, others are fill in the blank. See how much you know! (Answers are at the bottom – special thanks to Augusta.com for keeping tabs on all the latest!)

  1. True or False? Winners of The Open Championship, U.S. Open Championship, PGA Championship, and The Players Championship receive invitations to compete for the next five years.
  2. True or False? Players on the top 30 of the year-end money list of the previous calendar year receive automatic qualification into the field.
  3. True or False? The top four players and ties from the previous three major tournaments (Open Championship, U.S. Open, PGA Championship)
  4. The top __ players and ties from the previous Masters Tournament receive entry into the next year’s event.
  5. Which current titleholder does NOT qualify for the Masters Tournament? US Amateur Champion, U.S. Mid-Amateur Champion, U.S. Amateur Public Links Champion, Latin America Amateur Champion, Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion, British Amateur Champion.
  6. The top 50 listed in the Official World Golf Ranking __ week(s) before the latest Tournament receive an invitation.

See the answers below – and contact us if you want to see all of those who qualify for the 2016 Masters Tournament in person in Augusta, Ga.!


  1. False. Winners of The Players Championship receive a three-year exemption into the tournament.
  2. False. This was a way to receive entry into the Masters, but was removed in 2013 in an effort to invite more PGA Tour winners to the field.
  3. True.
  4. 12
  5. All of those champions receive entry into the field!
  6. One. The top 50 on the year-end Official World Golf Ranking also receive an automatic entry.

How did you do? See you in Augusta!