One of the most exciting months for sports fans has to be October, and it is officially here! While there is usually at least one sporting season happening throughout the entire year, October holds a special spot because of how packed full of sports it really is.

With both Professional and College Football taking over prime time on multiple nights each week, it is almost impossible not to hear any news regarding which teams won or lost. The Major League Baseball playoffs have started and will lead up to the World Series throughout the entire month, which can be the most exciting games of the season. With Baseball and Football alone, there would be enough action to keep any sports fan entertained for the entire month long, but the action doesn’t stop there!

During October the NHL has already started up and provides fans with a third sport to occupy their time and interest. If that wasn’t enough, the NBA begins to kick into gear at the end of the month as well and promises even more entertainment for fanatics across the world.

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