February has arrived and is almost over, and with it came the Super Bowl and all of its hyped up glory. According to this year’s television ratings, Super Bowl XLIX had the highest viewer ratings in the history of the Super Bowl. While the speculation that the biggest NFL controversy this year—the Patriots deflated footballs— or the fact that last year’s champions—the Seahawks—were returning for a second title, may have something to do with such a high viewer rating, there is no doubt that football fans love for the sport was the main reason for such a successful rating.

In the end, the Patriots took the title for the 2015 Super Bowl Champions with a score of 28-24, securing Quarterback Tom Brady’s third Super Bowl MVP award, and first Super Bowl win in a decade. The Seahawks didn’t play without a fight though, making this year’s game one of the most exciting to watch in recent years.

With the Super Bowl now over, now begins the off-season that so many fans seem to dread. With close to seven months before another football will be thrown in the NFL, there is no better time to start preparing your predictions for who next year’s champions will be!

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