The first round of the NFL draft has already come and gone, and with it came a lot of buzz. The focus being on two distinct players, South Carolina’s, Jadeveon Clowney, and Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel.

Despite criticism in his work ethic from his junior year at the University of South Carolina—where he is speculated to have played it safe in hopes for an early draft into the NFL—Clowney was chosen first overall, joining the line-up of the Houston Texans. He is being prospected as one of the best defensive prospects in over a decade. Critics commented that Clowney was the best choice for number.

The other hot topic name of the night, Manziel, also known as, “Johnny Football,” waited patiently for his name to be called. The first freshman player to ever receive the Heisman Trophy, Manziel was thought as a top pick of the night. As the 22nd pick of the night was spoken, Manziel was drafted into the Cleveland Browns, and a new name was being chanted, “Johnny Cleveland”. Despite being a later pick, Manziel was happy enough to have made it into the NFL despite the doubts of critics and fans.

The 2014 draft excitement has all just begun, and with one of the largest talent pools in draft history, there are still some big names waiting to be picked this weekend. The draft will continue this Friday, May 9th, with the final draft night on Saturday May 10th.