The 2017 Masters Tournament is just a few months away—can you believe it? It seems just a short while ago, the city returned to a normal level of traffic!

For those who generously rent your homes to guests, it’s time to get things ready for the big week. Maybe it’s to finish painting the rest of your house, complete that new deck you’ve been working on since the fall, or whatever else it may be…April 3rd will be here before we know it!

However, you guys aren’t the only ones; the Augusta National Golf Club is finishing up the new media center, moving the main entrance, planting trees and shrubs, the list goes on.

Have you guys noticed how quickly it’s all been building? Jay’s Music was taken down just about a month ago! Without a doubt, the construction and landscaping crew is on a tight schedule making sure everything is in place for Masters Week. Even before last year’s tournament the rerouting of Berkmans Road and the additional parking took some time (and patience!), but doesn’t it look so beautiful and new?

Hurry up, April 3rd! We’re excited to see the finished look, and to also see the reactions of all the tourists!


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