Have you ever played a round of golf at an upscale country club? If so, then you know how to behave at a professional golf tournament.

If not, don’t worry. This article explains what you should know before attending a major golf tournament.

While every tournament has it’s own rules, the Masters is unique. If you’re lucky enough to go you must learn the Masters Dress Code, and Rules of Etiquette.

The Masters Tournament is the epitome of gracious hospitality. The members of the Augusta National Golf Club consider the players and patrons (spectators) to be their guests. Everyone’s expected to behave in a dignified, respectful manner at all times.

Use these insider tips to make your trip to Augusta as special as the Masters golf tournament.

Masters Etiquette

Face painting, heckling, and excessive noise is okay at hockey and football games. But, there’s no place for them at the Masters. The fact is, the outlandish behavior isn’t tolerated.

Attending the Masters is a privilege. Polite, respectful behavior is expected at all times. The tournament will expel people who don’t behave.

Read these guidelines and understand them before you enter the course.

Follow the Rules

The first rule is to do as you’re told by tournament workers and volunteers. You’ll recognize them by their matching outfits. They’re on the opposite side of the ropes to keep space between players and spectators.

Observe and follow all tournament policies, signs, and verbal instructions. You should behave according to the traditional standards of etiquette and decorum.

Any official of The Augusta National Golf Club can judge behavior as inappropriate. If you violate club policies or rules, your badge (ticket) is confiscated. You’ll be escorted from the tournament.

Be Courteous

Be courteous to the players. This is their job, and they’re focused on performing. Never approach players, even if they’re acquaintances. Now isn’t the time to try to talk to them or ask for an autograph.

Be Quiet During Play

When a tournament volunteer raises both hands or a quiet sign, the crowd should be silent. Stay still. This allows the player to concentrate on the shot without distractions.

Remain in place until the player completes the shot. When the sign is lowered you can cheer. Don’t shout or make excessive noise. Screaming is a reason for dismissal. Cheer and clap at the appropriate times in a polite way.

Stay Behind the Ropes

There is no reason you should go under the ropes and onto the course. Always use the designated crosswalks. If you’re lost or confused, ask a volunteer to direct you.

Autograph Policy

The Masters has a strict no autograph policy. It’s enforced on the golf course at all times during practice and tournament days.

Autographs are only allowed by the Practice Range, and on the Par 3 course during the Par 3 Contest. Players, patrons, and press members must abide by this policy.


Still, photography for your own personal use is only allowed on Practice Round days. Practice Rounds take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of tournament week. Special note: a cell phone is not a considered a camera.

Electronic Devices

Don’t bring your cell phone, laptop, video camera, and electronics to Augusta National. They aren’t allowed inside the gates.

If you try to take in a cell phone you’ll be turned away. You can take it back to your car, or check it in the provided secure storage with a long line of other people.

If you’re caught inside the tournament with your device, say goodbye. Your time at the Masters will be over.

You may wear a fitness tracker or electronic watch. But it must be on silent. Don’t use it for phone calls, texts, video or data transmission. Again, violate the policy and you’ll have to leave the tournament.


You can’t take a purse, bag or backpack larger than 10 x 10 x 12 inches onto the tournament grounds. Everything is subject to search at the entrance. You can find a list of prohibited items on the Masters’ website.


One of the nicest things about the Masters is you can place your chair next to a green, then leave it. When you return hours later, your chair will be where you left it. That’s part of good manners at the Masters.

You can bring a collapsible chair that doesn’t have armrests. The tournament prohibits all folding armchairs and stiff chairs.

Augusta National sells chairs in the merchandise tent. Guests may carry no more than two chairs at a time.

No Running. Ever.

There’s no running at the Masters. You can power walk your chair to the 18th green, but don’t run there. Augusta National forbids running anywhere on the grounds.

The Masters Dress Code

Now that you know the rules, let’s talk about the dress code. The best Masters attire is proper, fashionable, and comfortable.

Consider the Weather

The tournament takes place the first week of April each year. Often, April weather is unpredictable. The average temperatures in Augusta range from 50 to 80 degrees. That’s quite a swing in temperatures.

Watch the forecast, and plan for all weather conditions when you pack. You’ll need sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes. If rain is a possibility, wear rain gear. Leave the umbrella behind so you can get up front for a better view of the players.

Dress Like a Pro

The most solid advice on what to wear to a professional golf tournament is to dress like you’re playing.

A golf polo and khakis always look good. If the weather is warm you can wear shorts. Don’t wear jeans. An appropriate length dress or skirt is a fine option for ladies. Avoid short shorts and heels.

You’ll need comfortable shoes that let you navigate Augusta National’s hills and valleys. Spectating this golf tournament requires a lot of walking on grass, mulch, and paved paths. If it rains, it will be slippery.

Choose sturdy sandals, loafers or sneakers. You can wear golf shoes as long as they don’t have metal spikes. Wedge sandals work for a dressier look.

It’s a good idea to choose clothes that breathe. Dry fit athletic wear can absorb rain and perspiration. A light rain jacket prepares you for cooler temps and rain showers. Dress in layers. You’ll stay comfortable in the early morning chill and late afternoon warmth.

Get Your Custom Masters Experience

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