Classic marketing channels and budgets are being taxed with radio, TV, Internet and social media drowning out many of the messages, while burning advertisers’ money. Using major sports events corporate hospitality packages is more valuable for numerous reasons.

  • Even local and youth sports fuel interest, if not passion, in true sports fans.
  • Sport hospitality packages typically offer an excellent ROI if done correctly.

B2B Corporate Hospitality packages involving major sporting events are wildly popular because of the value attached to spectacles, such as the Super Bowl, Final Four and Golf’s Major Championships, such as the Master’s.

While all sports hospitality packages offer value, those for major events deliver even more benefits. For many clients and prospects, attending a Super Bowl is often a once in a lifetime experience. Your guests will never forget your hospitality, regardless of the reality of future events. You cannot duplicate this result using any other marketing strategy, despite how effective it may be in other circumstances.

The shared enthusiasm for major sporting events is impossible to generate with any other marketing program. Unfortunately, at times, companies seem to forget the potentially awesome returns for using a sports corporate hospitality package to solidify client relationships.

For example, if you have a top prospect or loyal client who is a huge fan of college basketball, do you believe the client will consider a full hospitality program, including great tickets to Final Four weekend as a forgettable experience? No! What are the odds your competition can offer valid arguments to this client to switch business allegiance to them? There are few, if any, things your competition can offer to entice your client away.

The results of spending a ton of money to purchase a 30-second spot on a Final Four telecast will pale in comparison to the outcome of offering a corporate hospitality package to your best clients. Even when your finance and accounting department exercises tight control over B2B marketing and public relations expenses, the cost of advertising production for a hopefully outstanding spot and buying one or more insertions in major sports events, offset the investment in hospitality packages, with no guaranteed results.

However, customizing an outstanding hospitality package from one of the top firms, such asĀ Legendary Sports, will deliver the results you want. Consider and evaluate the value your organization receives from a hospitality package that transports your clients to an event like the Kentucky Derby, with all of its prestige, excitement and social activities. The clients you invite will only increase their loyalty, while the prospects you select should become loyal clients in the near future.




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