The 2015 NFL draft has officially kicked off the excitement and buzz regarding the upcoming NFL season, and fans are busy creating their predictions based off each team’s choices. With close to three months since the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the only professional football news fans had until the draft was talk about deflated footballs. Now, the excitement for a new season returns and prospects for the 2016 Super Bowl are underway!

Get a jump-start on this year’s season and purchase a Super Bowl corporate hospitality package! The 50th Super Bowl marks a big year, as they switch from roman numerals to Arabic numerals, using “50” instead of “L”. The game has also been dubbed, “The Golden Super Bowl,” for both being played in the golden state, California, and the 50th anniversary of the championship game.

With this year’s championship being such a monumental anniversary, it will be one game you don’t want you or your clients to miss out on! Purchasing your own Hospitality package through Legendary Sports will put you and your client’s right in the action to experience and landmark in NFL history!

The Legendary Sports package provides high class hospitality for your entire trip, including everything from accommodations, transportation, dining, and the Super Bowl itself. There is never a time that is too early to plan your package purchase!

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