You have probably been there – that corporate event that leaves you bored, and wanting to take a nap. But that doesn’t have to happen to your company. So why not add a little fun to your next company outing, and make it Legendary.

Here are some ideas from a recent article on to spruce up your normal corporate get-together.

  1. Pick a venue that focuses on a good time. Trade out that same old reception hall for a place that is engaging and entertaining such as a sporting event. Settle on the venue that will promote interaction and a cheerful atmosphere.
  2. Take a tour of a local attraction like a museum or stadium. A behind the scenes look at one of the hot spots in town is a new and interesting way to reward your employees.
  3. What’s not to love about some friendly office competition? Organizing an activity like an amateur golf tournament is a good way for your team to bond and relax.
  4. Sometimes there is nothing like giving back to bring a positive and uplifting energy to your work place. Take a day away from the office and volunteer with an organization in the community. You can even have your company vote for the cause they want to support to make it a group activity from the start.
  5. Families bond at the dinner table, so try to bring that same warm environment to work. Have a home-cooked meal day, and let your employees show off their skills in the kitchen. You’ll get the chance to see what other talents your team members might have!

To get the most out of your company event, make sure it is something memorable and enjoyable for your employees. Legendary Sports specializes in taking your event to the next level. And as your company is soaking up the best of the Super Bowl, The Masters or the Final Four, your team will have the opportunity to network, build interoffice relationships and feel appreciated.

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