Your favorite Super Bowl snack is going to cost a little more this year for a number of reasons, and McDonald’s is one of them. Chicken wing prices always bump up a little this time of year, because so many restaurants serve them during the big game. Not to mention the fact that they will be the main dish at every Super Bowl party up and down the block. The natural demand makes them a little more expensive than usual, and that’s no surprise. They’re hot, and it”s not just because of the sauce.

But, throw in a drought in the Midwest and a new menu item at Mickey D’s, and you get the recipe for higher prices for this savory football snack. According to CNN, McDonald’s is introducing a new dish called “Mighty Wings”, and it will only make the demand for wings even higher. This time next year, those wings could be worth their weight in gold.

Speaking of next year, why not go ahead and make your Super Bowl plans now for your corporate outing? You can watch this year’s game on TV in satisfaction, knowing that you’ll be sitting in those stands in 2014, munching on some premium chicken wings at the world’s most legendary sporting event. Contact us today and find out what we can offer you for your corporate event. We can make it legendary!

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