Now that November has arrived, the NFL season has officially reached its halfway point and is now in its midseason. This means that fans across the country are putting in their predictions for who they think will play the biggest game of the year come February. With half the season over, the pre-season predictions can now become more realistic now that the performance of each team can be taken into consideration.

With the Patriots and Cardinals staying on top of the rankings so far, there is still time for another team to dominate the second half of the season, and only time will tell who will be playing in Arizona this February.

Now that the hype of the season is starting to slow down for the midseason, it will surely begin to pick back up once we get closer to the Super Bowl game in February, and there really is no better time to prepare for the championship game than right now! While watching the game on TV amongst friends at a party is always a good time, it is safe to say that every hardcore football fan would love to be at the game in person.

With Legendary Sports Super Bowl packages, you have the opportunity to take part in all the action live, and cheer on your favorite team face to face! Packages are available now, and although you may not know who will be playing in this year’s championship game just yet, it is a good idea to plan ahead!

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