Your Guide To Attending The Masters Live in Augusta, GA

Looking to host the trip of a lifetime for golf lovers at your company or organization?

The Masters has been a celebrated tradition in golf since 1934 and takes place each year in Augusta, Georgia.

Attending the Masters live is a once in a lifetime trip for sports fans. There are so many factors to take into account when planning.

Read on for our quick guide to attending the Masters live!

  1. Travel

It’s important to book your flights and other travel necessities ahead of time when planning to attend the Masters with a large group.

While Augusta National doesn’t release attendance numbers, in the past the event has brought in over $34.7 million in ticket revenue!

With many groups traveling at once, booking reservations in advance can help you save.

  1. Accommodations

Finding accommodations during Masters week can be daunting, especially if you’ve never been to Augusta.

At Legendary Sports, we partner with a number of fabulous hotels and contract with beautiful homes to provide our guests top-notch accommodations.

  1. Getting Around Augusta

The city of Augusta is teeming with excitement during Masters week.

From nightlife and music to spas and opportunities to relax, you’ll be sure to find something that everyone in your group is interested in.

Booking with Legendary Sports means you won’t have to worry about shuttles or choosing from Uber or Lyft to help you get around town.

As a quick aside, Legendary Sports is only 0.3 miles from the entrance to Augusta National Golf Club! Rest assured knowing you won’t have a hard time getting to the Masters tournament!

  1. Want To Play a Round of Golf in Augusta?

What better way to celebrate the Masters week than playing a round of golf with your group?

Scheduling a tee time during this busy week can be tricky.

At Legendary Sports, we work with 6 beautiful golf courses in Augusta to ensure that you get time to play a round that you’ll be telling friends and family about when you return home!

  1. Restaurants in Augusta

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to eat like kings and queens while you’re in Augusta for the Masters!

When you book at Legendary Sports, you’ll have the option to experience Southern fine dining from master chef Bruce Sacino.

If you want to experience some of the food around Augusta, here are a few recommendations:

  • Abel Brown
  • Bee’s Knees
  • Luigi’s
  • Boll Weevil
  • Pizza Joint
  • Nacho Mamas

If you want a few more recommendations, need directions, or would like to book a reservation at a restaurant, we’ll be happy to help where we can!

Get Excited to Attend the Masters Live in Augusta, GA!

As you can see, getting to attend the tournament is just the tip of the iceberg when planning your trip to Augusta for the Masters live!

Depending on the interests of your group, you can find something for everyone during Masters week!

Ready to plan your trip? Let’s partner up to put together the most memorable trip for your group or business!