In recent national news, hurricanes have been ruthless to several areas of the south. Houston, Texas was devastatingly hit by Hurricane Harvey. If you’ve seen the photos and video footage, the people of Houston need all the help they can get.

Thank a golfer

Several golf pros are either residents of Houston, live in the surrounding areas, or claim Houston their hometown when growing up. Fortunately, the foundation of the sport itself is charity. An article written by ESPN Senior Write, Jason Sobel, covers so many of the charitable donations from golfers and the tournaments they’re currently playing in. The outpour of hospitality and donations are astronomical!

Golfers that live on the outskirts of Houston are opening their doors as a place of refuge, those that are away from home are donating their winning proceeds (plus the tournament and sponsors matching the winning amount) to relief efforts, and others that are literally in the middle of the chaos are helping rebuild any damage they can.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article that make the sport of golf that much more incredible:

“We can’t be where we are without the fans and the support we get. Giving back, to me, is not even a second thought; it’s just part of what we do. That’s what so great about this game. It doesn’t take anything extreme for that. Even without this storm, people in this game always give back.” – Conrad Shindler


“I think golfers in general are used to giving back,” Gates explained. “It’s a unique sport because we’re involved in so many cities. We all have a home base, but we travel. You get to know people and make friends in those cities, so you have emotions attached to those places you visit. The Shell Houston Open brings a lot of great players from around the world to Houston, so they’ve all gotten to know this city.” – Bobby Gates