September is already less than a month away, and while that means summer is coming to an end, it also means the start of America’s favorite time of the year—football season.

The six months after the Superbowl can be agonizing for football fanatics as they must spend their Sunday’s not watching football, or keeping up with their home teams. While it may have been a little easier to bear this summer with USA showing promise in the World Cup, giving Americans a distraction, there is no doubt that football season was still highly anticipated everywhere across the country.

With the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game that happened August 3rd—between the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills—fans were treated with the first glimpse into the action that will be the 2014-2015 NFL season. The New York Giants ended up taking the win over the Buffalo Bills 17-13.

With only a few days of waiting, fans once again get the treat of watching their teams compete with the start of the pre-season that began on August 7thh—Buffalo Bills versus Carolina Panthers–which leads into an exciting six months of cheering on teams as they go head to head for the title of Superbowl Champions 2015.

Predictions on how teams will fare have already begun as always, but only when the games begin will we know the outcomes of a season that promises to be one of the best yet.