While the summer is usually less exciting in terms of American sports–with only Baseball and some Basketball games to watch—this summer will provide the excitement that happens only every 4 years to cheer on teams from across the world in the FIFA World Cup.

Whether you are a Soccer fan or not, the idea of your country competing against 30 other teams in one of the biggest sporting events of the year is enough to get any sports fan excited to hopefully take the spot as the number one country in Soccer.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil this year, and the first games will be kicking off on June 12. While USA’s first game won’t be until June 16—against Ghana—the first round of games will be great to watch for the competition USA will face down the road during the month long tournament. This first game for USA should be a big one, as Ghana has defeated USA in the last 2 World Cups consecutively was the team to send USA home in in 2010.

This summer will mark the 10th appearance made by USA in the world cup, and hopes are high for good results. The 23-man roster for team USA has officially been announced, and the chosen players can now have a peace of mind in knowing that they will be playing in the world wide event.

Be sure to cheer on USA this summer, as the compete to take home the number one spot for the first time in the 84 years that tournament has been around.