This year’s start of the football season was a little different than those of the past. While the fans hype and excitement were the same as always, the headlines the NFL was making were a lot different.

With countless amounts of suspensions and controversies—most notably the domestic abuse scandal with Ray Rice—it seems like more attention has been focused on the personal lives of the players, rather than the game they are playing.

Should there be so much attention brought upon the personal lives of professional sports players? Or should we let them play the game and have the media keep their personal lives to themselves?

Despite the overhaul of drama and controversy that is surround the National Football League after only a month into the season, there seems to be no sign of fans showing a lack of support for America’s favorite past time.  Don’t let the personal drama distract you from the excitement of the game! Get prepared for a great season cheering on your favorite team in hopes of seeing them play in the biggest game of the year comes February.

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It’s never too late to plan ahead for one of the year’s biggest events for sports, and with so much attention on this year’s games, it’s guaranteed to be one of the most interesting seasons yet.