We realize you have a choice in who you choose for your Masters hospitality needs – and we’re thankful to be on your short list! Legendary Sports truly offers some advantages found nowhere else for businesses and large groups, and we think you’ll agree they provide the best Masters experience possible.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all package, or even just a few options. We custom-build every package for each client with any/all amenities wanted, ranging from housing to golf to reservations and fine dining in our facilities. Each company and group has different needs, and your Masters experience should reflect that.

Nobody gets you closer to the Tournament than Legendary Sports!

Here are some of the other advantages to choosing Legendary Sports:

0.3 miles from main entrance to Augusta National Golf Club. Nobody is closer than us, and we’re proud of it! At any time throughout the day, you can walk to our facilities, store your things, relax, and head back at your leisure – without waiting on any shuttles or adhering to any particular pickup/drop-off schedule.

Locally-based organization. We live and breathe Augusta – which means nobody knows the city better than us. That expertise is perfect when you need driving directions, a recommendation for a restaurant, or anything related to Augusta National. We know when and where traffic is worst, have eaten at those eateries ourselves, and we’re on the pulse of the latest developments with the course and the patron experience throughout the Tournament.

Decades of experience. For years, Steve Briggs served as a planner for outings at the biggest events: The Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, the Ryder Cup, and more. He’s always been a key figure in planning Masters Tournament packages, and now he and his team take the expertise and focus on creating the best Masters experience possible for you. There’s no risk of a new company failing to have the connections or tickets promised, and there are no “growing pains” of going with a company who doesn’t understand what golf fans want when you go with us.

No shuttles! We can’t emphasize this enough – most companies have to pickup and dropoff in designated shuttle areas or leave you with a long walk to the gates. This is valuable time you won’t waste if you book with us!