December has quickly arrived and ended, and the College Football season is beginning to wrap up to an end as well. Each year there is one game that signifies the end of the season, and it is one of the biggest rivalries to ever take place within the world of both college and professional Football—Army versus Navy.

This rivalry has been around for over a century, and brings together the armed forces in one of the most intense yet friendly rivalry games in the world. Commencing in 1890, this year was its 115th game and played in Baltimore, MD.

What makes this game an upstanding tradition in America, is the fact that many of the players on the field are solely playing for their love for the game. Many players who play in the college leagues are playing for hopes of the NFL and beyond, while most Army and Navy players won’t continue on in their football career after the season.

With the Navy’s now 59 wins to the Army’s 49, the Navy has dominated every game for the past 13 years. This year was no different with the Navy taking over the game with a final score of 17-10. This excitement all leads up to the final games of the NFL season, and the biggest game of the season, The Super Bowl, taking place in February. Do you have your tickets to the game yet? Don’t forget that you can purchase your own Super Bowl package through Legendary Sports! Check out the deal here!