Tailgating all day. Bare-chested fans. Screaming at the refs. Trash talking the opponent.

When attending a sports event, those might the first things that come to mind. But attending a game of golf is a little different. Here’s a tip for you: bare-chests at golf tournaments are usually frowned upon.

The game of golf is a unique sport due to its calm, yet highly competitive nature. Whether you watch or play, don’t miss this guide to golf rules and etiquette.

Why Golf Rules and Etiquette?

Golf has always been considered a gentlemen’s game. During the early tournaments, such as the British Open, the only spectators were the golfers themselves. They all showed respect to each other and the tradition has carried on.

Since the majority of the players and spectators practice respect by being quiet, any loud noise would be very disruptive on the course.

Rules for Being a Competitor

If you find yourself golfing with others, here are some tips to help you fit in.

1. Be Respectful

Remember you are not the only one on the course. Be aware of those around you.

Golf is challenging and getting frustrated is part of the game, but try to avoid any outbursts of anger. Screaming and yourself or throwing clubs will only make you look like a novice.

2. Dress for Success

When playing golf, you should want to look your best. We aren’t saying suit and tie, but we are saying no jeans or cutoffs.

Khakis and a polo shirt are always a safe bet. Unless you want to pull out your knickers and bloomers. Those have always been acceptable.

Rules for Being a Spectator

Watching a professional golf tournament is an exciting opportunity. Here the basic rules of how you should act.

1. Be Quiet

Don’t be the person that yells during someone’s backswing. This isn’t basketball where you can yell during free throws.

Golfers are used to silence and concentration. They don’t need the crowd cheering for them. In fact, they would prefer silence.

2. Down in Front

At a golf tournament, there are two ways you can watch. You can follow a player throughout the course, or you can stand in the same spot to watch all the players play the same hole.

No matter what option you choose, you need to show golf etiquette by being aware of those around you. Don’t stand in front of someone who has set up chairs to watch. You can sit on the ground in front, or stand in the back.

Make sure you don’t block someone’s view who has been waiting there all day for their favorite golfer.

Keep the Tradition

There is a lot of rich tradition in the game of golf. When you step on that course to watch the greatest golfers compete, you can feel how special it is. There is a reason for those golf rules and etiquette.

There is no better way to keep the tradition going than by going to some of the most prestigious tournaments. So give us call and let us help you be part of one of the oldest tradition in the history of sports.