For as long as the sport has been played, hundreds of countries across the world have fallen in love with the sport of soccer, but there has always been one country who just couldn’t find a spot on the bandwagon—USA.

It has been widely known across the world that USA would rate soccer—it even has a different name in the states than the rest of the world—as the least popular sport to watch and participate in. It could be due to the fact that USA patrons have their mind busy with Americanized sports, such as Football and Baseball which have become some of the biggest American past times.

Every four years when the FIFA World Cup comes around, USA was never sought to be a big competition, and the fans across the country were never in large abundance, but that has all changed this year for USA, as they progressed the furthest they have in decades.

According to television ratings, over 26 million people across the states tuned in to watch USA take on Portugal in one of the most exciting games in this year’s tournament. When it comes down to it, USA is a country who loves to compete—when they had a fighting chance to take on some of the best teams in the world, and potentially win, fans were wanting to tune in and cheer on their country—even it is only for one month every four years.

With team USA making history by defeating Ghana—who eliminated USA twice in the past two World Cups—as well as progressing past Portugal, surviving against Germany, until finally being eliminated in round 16 against Belgium, it may be time for USA to jump on the bandwagon and make soccer a top favorite sport across the country.

Making a name for themselves among the top teams across the world, team USA will have an even bigger year in 2018 for old and new fans across the country.