Is it your first time attending a PGA tour and you’re feeling a little nervous? No problem! We have you covered.

In this article, we are going to examine ten factors to consider as golf spectators, when attending a golf tour.

Some of them may seem obvious, whereas others might be new to you.

Continue on reading to learn more about what to do when attending a golf tour!

10 Tips for Golf Spectators

Watching golf compared to basketball and soccer is entirely different. When you are watching the latter two, people can sit down in the stadium.

However, golf is altogether different. When you go to a golf tournament, it is complicated to get more than a quick glance at what is happening on the links.

Therefore, it is essential to plan. Plan for a lot of walking and consider where the event is taking place.

If you are heading to Texas, you are going to need to be prepared to endure the blistering sun while you walk up and down the course to watch the unfolding game.

1. Secure a Place by the Hole or Follow a Group

You could choose to do both because sometimes it’s difficult to just one or the other. You may be watching some favorite golfers whom you cannot see because of the enormous crowd.

Work out a strategy where you walk for a bit and then sit for a bit.

If you are walking for a bit, make sure you have a solid pair of golf shoes.

If you are sitting, find a spot that is near the hole. Make sure to bring a good pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, a chair, and a broad-brimmed hat.

Also, don’t forget that Mother Nature may interfere. Bring an umbrella just to be safe!

2. Pro-Am Rounds

By attending one of the pro-am rounds, you will get a chance to watch golfing in slow-mo. You can expect to see the golfers in action during these sessions. Why?

Typically, the crowd is smaller, and thus it will be easier to maneuver between holes. If your timing is on, you may get a chance to snag an autograph from one of golf’s rising stars. Go for it!

3. Sit Near the Range

If you want to observe your favorite players hitting their shots, take a seat a few yards within the rage. This way you will get to observe them make their way up the link, gain a better vision of their techniques.

You’ll also be able to enjoy then they make the golf balls land on the right holes!

4. Arrive Early

By arriving early, you will be on the course when there is a smaller crowd. Take advantage and quickly check out the course so you can decide what your strategy will be when choosing to follow or sit when the game begins.

With fewer spectators, you will get a better chance to see the holes.

5. Not into Strenuous Exercise?

No problem! If you can’t face walking for long periods of time, why not choose a hole and stay put there. The only setback is having to accept that you will be watching all the groups take a shot to one hole.

The best place hole to choose is near the bleachers behind a green or tee box.

These locations you will get to see everyone for a short while.

6. Want to Follow the Star Performer?

Enthusiastic fans will tell you to be prepared to put up with some hassles after you’ve decided to watch your favorite. It’s going to be busy and crowded.

Prepare yourself.

Even if you’ve planned everything out to a tee, it’s still possible you might not get the best position at every hole.

7. Want to See Lots of Players?

It’s essential to plan, plan, and plan some more. Make a list of location details and times. Then, see where your favorites are scheduled to tee off.

8. Cell Phone Usage

Once upon a time, cell phones were barred from the course. Now they are no longer banned. You still need to keep your phone on silent mode and do not take a phone call near the golfing action.

Instead, there is a ‘Phone Zone’ that you can use.

During the practice sessions, you are permitted to take pictures but do not use it during the championship.

9. Clothing

Wearing the right clothes for a golf course is essential. Even though you are super excited to see Tiger Woods or another fan-favorite, keep your fancy couture to a minimum.

You’re going to want to avoid anything that is flashy.

Instead, go classic and relaxed. Make sure you have a sturdy pair of shoes that are still going to be comfortable after a couple of hours of standing. Ladies could opt for a cute pair of pumps or sandals.

10. Absolutely No Noise When the Players Are Hitting the Ball

This should be obvious. Do not make noise or commotion when a player is about to hit the ball. This could totally ruin their concentration and their game.

If you are asked, help them find a lost ball but do not touch it. Also, even though you may be within a foot of your dream golfer, keep yourself from asking for an autograph. It’s not the time.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

We hope you enjoyed this article about what you need to know as golf spectators.

Remember, it is important to remain respectful of the players. Don’t make a lot of noise when they are hitting the ball and do not answer a phone call near the game.

Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes and make sure you arrive early.

This will allow you to have a good time overall. Enjoy yourself at the next tournament you attend and don’t forget these tips! They will help you out in the long run.

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